Spray-on Rechargeable Batteries Could Store Energy Anywhere – Wired News

A team of mechanical engineers has published a paper demonstrating its latest invention — spray-on rechargeable batteries that could be combined with solar cells to create self-sufficient, energy conversion-storage devices. The paper …
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New invention could prevent SIDS deaths – WTVR-TV

Researchers in Texas have made a medial breakthrough in the fight against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. They’re working on a wireless sensor system that would measure the amount of carbon dioxide being inhaled by sleeping babies.
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Idaho man’s invention could help firefighters battle wildfires – KTVB

A North Idaho man’s new invention can help keep you and your family germ free, while also helping firefighters battle wildfires. It looks like a handkerchief or bandana, but if you put it over your mouth it actually works like a filter to keep …
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MSU invention could help pharmaceutical industry save money – Eureka! Science News

The details of the invention, which appear in a recent issue of the journal … a crucial step in the development of some new drugs. Purifying proteins, the process of isolating a single, desired protein from all others, is an expensive, time …
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InventHelp Client Patents “Edge Up” – Invention Could Offer Efficient Solution for Hair Maintenance – YAHOO!

10-RDH-153 at (800) 851-6030. Manufacturers interested in reviewing additional inventions and new product ideas can contact InventHelp’s marketing partner Intromark by filling out an online request to review new product ideas here.
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New invention could ease winter blues – PhysOrg

The Radfan is attached to household radiators and helps to spread heat more evenly around the room, meaning the thermostat can be turned down, shaving money off heating costs. Roland Glancy and Simon Barker, post-graduates from Newcastle …
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