Cool invention! Now, here’s what you’ll pay for a patent

Michael Desmond/Getty Images Filing a patent on an invention allows you to protect your intellectual property from individuals and companies. A patent grants its owner rights to the invention for a predetermined amount of time, allowing the patent owner to …
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5 cool inventions that could save the planet – CNN

1. A high-tech sieve that makes the ocean drinkable

Yes, you can already turn the ocean into drinkable water through existing, industrial-scale desalination plants. But these plants are often costly and can damage the environment: They use large amounts of energy, produce greenhouse gases and can harm marine life.
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Six Cool Inventions You May Not Know About | WTVB – WTVB (blog)

WTVB (blog)

Six Cool Inventions You May Not Know About | WTVB
WTVB (blog)
Tech changes so quickly it's hard for the average Joe to keep up sometimes. Here are some pretty cool inventions that you may not have even known exist.

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125 Cool Inventions: Supersmart Machines and Wacky Gadgets You Never Knew You Wanted! (National Geographic Kids)

  • National Geographic Society
The future is now! Super smart toilets, sweet dream machines, bread buttering toasters, and flying hotels -- this fun and informative book gives curious kids the inside scoop on 125 amazing real inventions. It's sure to get gadget gurus, techies, and computer geeks thinking about the world of infinite possibilities. If there was an invention that could knock your socks off, you'd find it here!

Opportunity, hope, and urban cool

They trade, farm, fish, build. More come, selling shovels and pies, chop suey and lace curtains. Still more bring art and music, invention and sport. Soon, everybody is talking about how cool the city is even if they’ve forgotten its original advantages.
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Cool STRANGE and Unusual Inventions – Creative Thinking and Ideas

Cool STRANGE and Unusual Inventions Creative Thinking and Ideas

Some Amazing things people came up with over the years to make our lives easier. Some are strange or funny and some are just plain cool!

Which creative gadget shown is your favorite invention?

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