Students’ invention allows quadriplegics to use tongue to control devices

You’ve probably never heard of the phrase “tongue-controlled independence,” but thanks to five enterprising college students, that’s about to change. They’ve just invented life-changing technology: a retainer for quadriplegics that allows them to move by …
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The Invention of the White Race, Volume 1: Racial Oppression and Social Control

When the first Africans arrived in Virginia in 1619, there were no “white” people there. Nor, according to colonial records, would there be for another sixty years. In this seminal two-volume work, The Invention of the White Race, Theodore W. Allen tells the story of how America’s ruling classes created the category of the “white race” as a means of social control. Since that early invention, white privileges have enforced the myth of racial superiority, and that fact has been central

Apple granted a patent that’d allow advanced car control via your iPhone

The proposed invention outlines an advanced vehicle access control system that would permit an iPhone to do things like open your car doors, start or shut off the engine for specific time frames and for specific duration of time, adjust and activate …
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This invention lets you control your computer with a banana

You can now control your computer, phone, tablet with virtually anything ranging from a banana all the way to a wiggly bowl of jello, including living pets and human beings. All this with Makey Makey Go, which is the world’s first portable invention kit.
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