Defining Computer Related Inventions in a post-Alice World –

Defining Computer Related Inventions in a post-Alice World
One of the things that makes protecting computer related inventions tricky is that first you have to distinctly identify the invention in exact terms. Defining any invention with the level of specificity required to satisfy U.S. patent laws is not

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Google’s latest AI invention lets you duet with computer

( Google has introduced its newest artificial intelligence invention, a piano-playing bot named Al Duet. The bot takes whatever melody the user plays and attempts to respond with a complimentary tune. AI Duet is part of a …
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Can a Computer Be an Inventor?

Could a computer qualify as an inventor of an invention when it solves a problem identified by a human? And what if a creative computer with AI itself identifies a problem and creates the solution, e.g., dynamically optimizing a quasi-optimized system …
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This invention lets you control your computer with a banana

You can now control your computer, phone, tablet with virtually anything ranging from a banana all the way to a wiggly bowl of jello, including living pets and human beings. All this with Makey Makey Go, which is the world’s first portable invention kit.
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