How the Invention of Scotch Tape Led to a Revolution in How Companies Managed Employees

Richard Drew never wanted an office job. Yet the banjo-playing college dropout, born 120 years ago this Saturday, would go on to spend some four decades working at one of America’s largest …
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Companies work to bridge an invention gap

Will the next great innovations come from women? There’s currently a gender gap among inventors so great that a Harvard study predicted it will take 118 years to reach parity. But several large …
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11 Ways to Stop Companies From Ripping Off Your Invention

Arming yourself with knowledge is. If you want to avoid being ripped off, here are my tips. That means, don’t share your invention on your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social me…
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TurboPatent lands $3.25M to help companies protect their inventions using automation

  1. TurboPatent lands $ 3.25M to help companies protect their inventions using automation  GeekWire
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Many ‘invention promotion’ companies nothing but scams – Jackson Clarion Ledger

Many 'invention promotion' companies nothing but scams
Jackson Clarion Ledger
Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it. For me, the “a-ha!” moment often hits in the dead of night, or when I'm in the middle of a meeting or driving. We Americans are a nation of problem-solvers, and it's no wonder

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CU inventions turned into 114 companies – Boulder County Business Report

BOULDER – In the last two decades, inventions by University of Colorado researchers have led to the formation of 114 new companies, according to a report released Tuesday by the university. Of these, 85 have operations in Colorado, seven have become …
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