Could UMN professor’s invention clean PFCs from east metro water? He thinks so

Matt Simcik has invented a sponge that might be able to clean up one of the state’s worst water-pollution problems, the PFCs in Washington County groundwater. His technique involves putting absorbent material underground. “This stuff is sticky.
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MIT’s latest invention pulls clean drinking water out of thin air

For people in the world without easy access to drinkable water, the idea of being able to pull it straight out of the sky, even in the driest of desert regions, would quite literally be a lifesaver. That is something that researchers from Massachusetts …
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Invention promises clean teeth in 10 seconds

Invention promises clean teeth in 10 seconds A Kickstarter campaign has launched for a toothbrush that promises clean teeth in 10 seconds. Check out this story on A Kickstarter campaign has launched for a toothbrush …
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Ingenious Invention Promises Flyers a Safe, Clean Place to Rest Their Heads

The Head Defender not only provides peace of mind for germophobes, but also offers a common sense layer of protection from exposure to sometimes less than pristine aircraft cabins. It’s often best not to ponder the cleanliness of any given seat on a …
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World Patent Marketing Invention Team Announces Wipe-Ex, A Fresh New Wipe Invention That Helps People Clean Up In The Restroom

World Patent Marketing Reviews A New Wipe Invention. Will Wipe-Eze Be the Next World Patent Marketing Low Cost Success Story? World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, introduces Wipe-Eze, a wipe …
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