This invention is changing the way communities get water

In many remote villages around the world, access to clean water and basic sanitation is scarce. The condition of the water is questionable and often places the villagers at risk of contracting …
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Local couple’s invention changing dog owners’ lives

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you’re a dog mom or dad, you know the grooming process can be stressful, especially at bath time. For Rob and Megan Hoover, who live just outside of Charlotte, getting their rescue dogs clean was quite the struggle. Gia would hide …
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This simple yet powerful invention is changing the world

The Blockchain story has essentially been a ten-year love affair between technologists and this invention. In fact, if you understand this invention, then understanding mining and immutability on the Blockchain is a walk-in-the-park! (More on this at the …
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5 Almost-Life Changing World’s Fair Inventions – U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report

5 Almost-Life Changing World's Fair Inventions
U.S. News & World Report
The natural-gas industry displayed inventions at the The Festival of Gas Pavilion during the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, a design company now known as Teague, showcased "The Kitchen of the Future," where …

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7 world changing inventions which were invented accidentally!

Right after a decade his assistants Florey and Ernst chain were successful to isolate the bacteria killing substance from the mold and in 1945 they three were awarded Nobel Prize for the invention. Well, from then you know how penicillin has changed the …
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Hamburg’s world changing invention: When peeing in public, watch out for walls that pee back

A new innovation in the northern German city of Hamburg has taken the world by storm: pee-proof walls. That’s right. Local groups recently began introducing “hydrophobic” paint on areas of the city’s busy night-club district, aimed at deterring …
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