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David Jason lands 2nd series of Great British Inventions

Sir David Jason has landed a second series of ‘David Jason’s Great British Inventions’ following the success of the first series in January.
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A British invention that U.S. spies should copy

LONDON — The Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s code-breaking, eavesdropping equivalent to the U.S. National Security Agency, was once so secret an American journalist was expelled from …
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British Invention Could Use Dog Poo To Help Environment

A British inventor says he’s found a clever way to turn dog messes into a powerful tool to help the environment. (2:40) WCCO This Morning – Feb. 23, 2018
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A Hungarian invention that helped the British in WWII

Tracing the early life of the humble ballpoint pen to its present. IMAGE: Modern folks would not even think of the ballpoint pen as an innovation. It seems to be an inexpensive writing instrument, not worth too much thought. Yet it had to fight for a life.
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Reading: Robert Allen (2011): Why the Industrial Revolution Was British: Commerce, Induced Invention and the Scientific Revolution

What are the other places that Allen has in mind (since Hiero of Alexandria’s aeropile in which building a first generation “steam engine” would have been possible as a marvel? Weren’t there other roads to industrialization that involved technological …
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