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Duolingo’s CEO on how he built a $700 million company and why he gave away his first invention to Yahoo for free

You may never have heard of Luis von Ahn. But if you’ve ever verified that you’re not a robot online, you’ve probably used something he created. And that’s fine by him. He doesn’t read stories about himself, and when he says he’s not motivated by money, he …
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Tech invention may do away with hassles at fuel stations

BENGALURU; Everyone is familiar with the drill. People getting their vehicles refuelled at stations must ensure they are paying the right price for the quantity they’re getting. However, a product developed by students of Vijaya Vittala Institute of …
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Mosquito-repellent soap invention seeks to wash away Africa malaria threat

DAKAR – Two former students from Burkina Faso have designed a mosquito-repellent soap, which they hope could be a simple and affordable solution in the fight to end malaria, but more funds are needed to test the idea, according to the startup behind it.
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Dyson’s new invention aims to blow you – and bad hair days – away

Dyson, the one-time vacuum company that continues to expand its range of electronics, is looking to take on bad hair days across the globe. Sir James Dyson has been making use of the air around us for more than three decades, and on Wednesday, the company …
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