Auto giant Continental buys Singapore-based Quantum Inventions … – TechCrunch


Auto giant Continental buys Singapore-based Quantum Inventions …
German automotive giant Continental is furthering its push into the future of transportation after it got its check book out to acquire Quantum Inventions, a..

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Safety invention could help prevent auto collisions

An inventor from Montreal believes he has a solution to mitigate distracted driving, particularly in cases where the offending driver was busy using his or her smartphone. Patrick Dubois’ RoadBudee is a car-mounted device that prevents the vehicle from …
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Apple invention uses Apple Watch to auto adjust iPhone alert volume

Apple is looking to turn Apple Watch into an automated iPhone command and control module, as a patent application published Thursday details a method by which the wearable monitors, compares and adjusts handset audio output on the fly. Source: USPTO …
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Advanced Auto Parts and Rain Guard Windows Is What Is Keeping The World Patent Marketing Review Team Up All Night

World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, announces Rain Guard Windows, an automotive invention that automatically closes a vehicle’s windows when it rains or snows. “The Global Auto Parts and …
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