A new Woodland Trail at Penshurst Place opens for half term, plus an Amazing Inventions Trail

The Woodland Trail is open from Saturday, February 15 andis open until October. The Amazing Inventions Trail opens for half term from Saturday, February 15 to Sunday, February 23, from 10.30am to dusk …
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Amazing Health Ranger invention could help save millions of lives in a nuclear disaster

“Cesium Eliminator”, a patented invention by the Health Ranger, could help save million of lives in case of nuclear catastrophe. This unique formula eliminates radioactive cesium isotopes from the gastrointestinal tract. Adams developed the dietary …
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Apple’s amazing new invention is… a PAPER BAG: Firm patents a way to make recycled carriers much stronger

Apple has filed patents for all sorts of new technology over the years, but its latest might be the most surprising yet. The Cupertino tech firm has filed a patent for a paper bag, or more accurately, a process for making paper bags. According to the …
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The ‘Simply Amazing’ Invention Aimed at Helping ‘Novices Learn to Play the Piano Without Reading Music’

An invention aimed at helping beginners learn how to play the piano took the Internet by storm this week after a video showing how it works was widely circulated. The device, formally called the Projected Instrument Augmentation System, was developed in …
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12 Amazing Inventions Created Entirely By Accident (PHOTOS) – Huffington Post

12 Amazing Inventions Created Entirely By Accident (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post
You can thank one picky, dissatisfied customer in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., for the invention of this glorious snack food. In 1853, after a customer repeatedly sent his order of fried potatoes back to the waiter, complaining that they were too soggy and

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Beyond jugaad: Amazing inventions from India –

Beyond jugaad: Amazing inventions from India
Remya Jose from Kerala demonstrates the pedal-powered washing machine she invented. Jose was forced to do laundry by hand when her mother became sick because her family had no washing machine. So she invented a washing machine/exercise bike

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