The Accidental Invention of the Slinky

As its jingle once cheered: “A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it’s Slinky.” The coiled toy certainly is a marvelous, if simplistic, thing. In 1943, mechanical engineer Richard …
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The Accidental Invention of Terrariums

The terrarium was an accidental discovery in one of the most polluted parts of world. Wardian cases, as terrariums were originally known, were named after their inventor, Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, an un…
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How a welder with a useless invention — a meat cleaver cellphone cover — became an accidental viral video star

He was an ordinary welder in a boring job. Geng Shuai was about to turn 30 and knew that if he did not find an outlet for his passion to create things, he would be trapped in mediocrity. Then came his …
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Shark Tank Mompreneur’s Accidental Invention On Way To Being The Next Big Thing

Some kids and temper tantrums go hand in hand like Big Bird and yellow when you try to wipe the mess off of their faces. Stay-at-home mom Danielle Stangler accidentally discovered it could be a fuss-free feat when she wiped her 22-month-old daughter’s …
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The accidental invention of the ‘Super Bowl’

In 1853 a man named George Crum worked as a chef in a Saratoga Springs, N.Y. restaurant when one particular customer would not stop complaining about how his French fries were too soggy and thick. Attempt after attempt was made to satisfy the customer, but …
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13 Accidental Inventions That Changed the World – Entrepreneur


13 Accidental Inventions That Changed the World
Lots of the things we rely on to cure our diseases, cook our meals, and sweeten our days weren't deliberately designed. Instead, they were a happy accident. Read on to see how society-shaping inventions — from Coca-Cola to penicillin and the microwave …

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