Brownsburg student named finalist in national invention contest

A Brownsburg student is in the running to bring home a big prize. She’s one of five finalists in Frito-Lay’s national Dreamvention contest. Maria Delong created a new type of alarm clock to wake you up in the morning without any annoying sounds. She …
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Monday Meslier: 167 – The Invention of Hell is Too Absurd to Prevent Evil

In the eyes of a passionate lover, the presence of his mistress extinguishes the fires of hell, and her charms blot out all the pleasures of Paradise. Woman! you leave, you say, your lover for your God? It is that your lover is no longer the same in your …
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Electric Guitars Design and Invention: The Groundbreaking Innovations That Shaped the Modern Instrument

(Book). Innovation. Disruption. Thought leadership. Today's hottest tech sector buzzwords would prove just as apt in describing the twentieth century crucible of guitar development. Imagine an electric guitar. Is it a Strat? A Les Paul? Some third party variant on one of these classics? Or is it something more uniquely memorable: a Warlock, a Flying V, a Razorback? There's a reason that default image popped into your mind. Electric guitars do not happen by chance. They look and sound and play th

‘1001’ Inventions exhibit comes to Michigan Science Center – WDIV Detroit

WDIV Detroit

'1001' Inventions exhibit comes to Michigan Science Center
WDIV Detroit
The exhibit shows the Golden Age period of civilization that stretched from Spain to China, beginning in the seventh century. It highlights the scientific and cultural achievements of men and women from various backgrounds and faiths. Simon Mused

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The startling coincidence that led to the invention of fingerprinting.

In 1903 an African American man named Will West was convicted for a minor crime in northwest Kansas. According to The Vintage News, when West was processed through Leavenworth Penitentiary, authorities made a startling discovery – he was already serving …
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Andrew’s invention joins others in Alexander

ALEXANDER — Of all the challenges prepared for Alexander students Friday, Jett Davis found a new one. “I’m out of blocks,” Davis said, his spaghetti-supported Styrofoam base holding up despite more than 25 pounds of material. An Inventor’s Fair …
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