Spiderweb Space Sail

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Jun 042008

Imagine how many exploratory space probes could be built and then sent off into space to travel the universe.

Article: Space ‘spiderwebs’ could propel future probes

A new type of solar sail has been woven by a team of scientists in Finland. The spiderweb-like sail is designed to catch the wind of ionised gas that blows from the Sun, carrying spacecraft to the outer reaches of the solar system, or letting them tack back and forth through the asteroid belt on exploration or mining missions.

The new sail differs from the more conventional type of solar sail, which is designed to use the gentle pressure of sunlight to move a spacecraft. Continue reading »


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Jun 042008

This is an amazing breakthrough and one that has practical applications

Article: Simple ‘superlens’ sharpens focusing power

A simple-to-make “superlens” can focus 10 times more sharply than a conventional lens. It could shrink the size of features on computer chips, or help power gadgets without wires.

No matter how powerful a conventional lens, it cannot focus light down to more than about half its wavelength, the “diffraction limit“. This limits the amount of data that can be stored on a CD, and the size of features on computer chips. Continue reading »

Good Gas?

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Jun 042008

Creative thinking and high oil prices will see more ideas like this

Article: Scientists unlock frozen natural gas

A remote drilling rig high in the Mackenzie Delta has become the site of a breakthrough that could one day revolutionize the world’s energy supply.

For the first time, Canadian and Japanese researchers have managed to efficiently produce a constant stream of natural gas from ice-like gas hydrates that, worldwide, dwarf all known fossil fuel deposits combined. Continue reading »


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May 162008

When you are at a loss for something to invent just remember that even the most common things had to be invented. Find a need and fill it.