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‘Wain-Roy and the Invention of the Backhoe’ Author Lee Horton Talks Industry, Writing

I have worked in the Construction Equipment Industry for over a third of a century. A good portion of that time, I was the Director of Engineering for Wain-Roy Inc., and then Woods Equipment Company of Hubbardston and Gardner, Mass., where the original …
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The creator of the web realizes his invention has gone way wrong

From the moment he decided to share the web with the world, Tim Berners-Lee knew his invention could be dangerous. That became especially obvious when Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal broke — a moment that “devastated” the father of the world wide …
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Man found dead in Braves stadium cooler was installing new invention; cause of death still not determined

ATLANTA (RNN) – Authorities haven’t yet determined what killed a man whose body was found Tuesday in a walk-in beer cooler at SunTrust Park. The man, whom police identified as 48-year-old Minnesotan Todd Keeling, was found by a stadium employee around 2 …
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Man found dead at SunTrust Park was installing his own invention, family says

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Cobb County police and the medical examiner continue to investigate how a man ended up trapped inside a beer cooler at SunTrust Park where a co-worker found his body Tuesday afternoon. The man who died in the beer cooler, 48-year-old …
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Invention Videos


In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Barcelona Spain to meet Miguel Celades who was the offical representatives for the MDI Air Car. The technology and car were shelved after government pressure and a corporation buying out the company. To find out more about Miguel check out Check out our 2nd channel Support […]

Cool Invention Could Save the Planet – April 28, 2011

As much as I would like to be a part of building an actual device based on these principles, I’ve been under constant ariel surveillance lately & wouldn’t want to keep it’s simplicity hidden, I posted a how to message a few months ago, not sure why it disappeared,,, This design is simple, take 2 […]

The ShockWheel invention by Chet Baigh

Also check out my Tungsten Carbide watch company!: This is the FIRST RIDE of the ShockWheel in slow-motion! Whoever licences the “Shock Wheel” will dominate the bicycle world for years to come. …and will likely put everyone else out of business. – The ShockWheel is a historical improvement in ride comfort. – The bike […]