Cool Invention Could Save the Planet – April 28, 2011

As much as I would like to be a part of building an actual device based on these principles, I’ve been under constant ariel surveillance lately & wouldn’t want to keep it’s simplicity hidden, I posted a how to message a few months ago, not sure why it disappeared,,, This design is simple, take 2 equally sized square magnets, make sure attracting poles or N to S are facing each other, mount the bottom one in a half moon, mount the top one in anything you like, or just hold it above lower sphere, you’ll feel a tug & see it start to spin, let it naturally pick up momentum and it will accelerate to a steady speed, no it will not power itself but by being at the center of this magnetic vortex a small amount of input will sustain the rotation of the bottom sphere, & as to the Emc2 reference, my point is, speed overcomes resistance exponentially,,, good luck!