In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Barcelona Spain to meet Miguel Celades who was the offical representatives for the MDI Air Car. The technology and car were shelved after government pressure and a corporation buying out the company.

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Cool Invention Could Save the Planet – April 28, 2011

As much as I would like to be a part of building an actual device based on these principles, I’ve been under constant ariel surveillance lately & wouldn’t want to keep it’s simplicity hidden, I posted a how to message a few months ago, not sure why it disappeared,,, This design is simple, take 2 equally sized square magnets, make sure attracting poles or N to S are facing each other, mount the bottom one in a half moon, mount the top one in anything you like, or just hold it above lower sphere, you’ll feel a tug & see it start to spin, let it naturally pick up momentum and it will accelerate to a steady speed, no it will not power itself but by being at the center of this magnetic vortex a small amount of input will sustain the rotation of the bottom sphere, & as to the Emc2 reference, my point is, speed overcomes resistance exponentially,,, good luck!

The ShockWheel invention by Chet Baigh

Also check out my Tungsten Carbide watch company!: This is the FIRST RIDE of the ShockWheel in slow-motion! Whoever licences the “Shock Wheel” will dominate the bicycle world for years to come.

…and will likely put everyone else out of business.

– The ShockWheel is a historical improvement in ride comfort.
– The bike in the video has a disabled front shock fork.
– This Prototype has a 100mm extension travel. This can be increased or decreased- as well as firmness.
– I have also patented numerous methods to make the ShockWheel adjustable- For those who want a firmer/softer ride, or differ in weight.
– “Bow-Spokes” may be made to handle various compressive forces to accommodate riders of various weights. Each non-adjustable wheel may accommodate a huge weight range.
– The bow-spokes weigh +/- 6 ounces
– Uses a standard rigid bike rim and tire
– 15 years ago, the smart man would have foreseen that many bikes would have shock absorbers. In 2012, the smart man can predict many bikes will utilize the ShockWheel.
– I will commit my expertise, time, business acumen, marketing acumen, and ingenuity to any company agreeing to an exclusive license.
– Production methods and materials may be my “secret recipe” until agreement inked.
– Venture capital backers are welcome to talk if licensing falls short of hopes.
– Statistics
– It can be expected that the Shock Wheel will initially be readily adopted by specialty bicycle manufacturers, specialty bicycle stores, and their clientele. Early-adopters will surely pay an excessive amount for Shock Wheel technology. This will afford the company manufacturing and selling the Shock Wheel greater revenue AT a greater profit margin. The approximately 4,200 specialty bicycle retailers commanded approximately 14% of the bicycle market in terms of unit sales in 2010, but 44% of the dollars, a dominant dollar share of the Billion total U.S. bike market in 2010. 44% of Billion is .64 Billion.
– Early-adopter novelty will wear off around 2-5 years from debut of the Shock Wheel. And saturation of the Shock Wheel within specialty bicycle world should occur within 5-8 years. At this time, it may make sense to ALSO allow distribution into the mass merchant channel under a newly-formed economy brand. Approximately 75% of U.S. bicycle units were sold through the mass merchant channel in 2010, representing 36% of the dollars due to the average selling price of . Yet 36% of Billion is .16 Billion.
– The Shock Wheel may be best suited for mountain bikes, hybrid/cross, comfort, youth, and cruisers. Together these categories comprise 77% of the bikes sold. (Source: U.S. Commerce Department statistics) The remaining 23% comprises road bikes which seem to be more attractive without shocks.
Further Projections are available.

The present invention relates to a shock-absorbing performance wheel comprising bow-shaped spokes which act as bows or springs to dampen acceleratory jerks brought on by unwanted shock. The said invention also comprises a non-circular hub onto which a plurality of “bow-spokes” are directly affixed to the periphery of said hub.

Patent: Shock Absorbing Bow-Spoke Wheel Primarily for Bicycles and Motorcycles
United States Patent Office Filing Number: 61/686,030
Filing Date: 3/30/2012

Patent #2: Shock-Absorbing Bow-Spoke “ShockWheel” and “Adjustable Shock Wheel” versions with Alterations
Inventor: Chet R. Baigh
Written and Drawn by: Chet R. Baigh
United States Patent Office Filing Number: 61/687,514
Filing Date: 4/27/2012
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