Originals By Weber New Invention Makes All Loose Dentures Much More Comfortable At Low Cost No Mixing Required, Always Soft – PRWeb

This new Weber Preformed Denture Liner Kit with preformed upper and lower denture liners is designed to answer questions often asked by denture wearers such as: “How can I make my loose denture fit better and give me more comfort and no more sores or …
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S.A. cardiologist says new invention may help predict heart attacks – KENS 5

SAN ANTONIO — What is there was a way to predict heart attacks before they happen? A San Antonio cardiologist turned inventor has a new tool that may change the way this killer disease is treated. Images of human heart arteries can now be taken …
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Fabric Antenna Invention That Could Turn Roads into Wifi Network

Auburn University in Auburn, Ala., has been assigned a patent developed by four co-inventors for “reinforcement fabrics with electronic transmission capabilities.”

The inventors are three professors, Gwen Thomas, Lloyd Riggs, and David Elton, and Ph.D. graduate, Andrew Sivulka, all from Auburn.

The new fabric design includes metallic antennas and adds transmission capabilities to materials used for other purposes, such as geotextiles. When added to roadbed fabric, these antenna arrays confer the ability to transmit cellular, Wi-Fi, and other signals through the roadbed and into vehicles and surrounding buildings.

In addition to roads, these fabrics could be added to buildings, bridges, or even natural surfaces such as trees.

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Recently blind veterans use new invention for college prep – KTVB

BOISE — A local organization dedicated to helping put wounded veterans through college faced an unexpected challenge with its first group of five student veterans: Three of them are visually impaired and require extra training, tools, and …
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Relax your back: Remarkable new invention for flood control – St. Louis Post-Dispatch (blog)

The SandMaster is an attachment for a skidsteer, backhoe or an excavator. It quickly fills, transports, securely closes, and places sandbags. Its primary function is to facilitate flood prevention efforts and emergency response. This is a fast …
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The Man Who Inspired Jobs (Christopher Bonanos/New York Times)

Christopher Bonanos / New York Times:
The Man Who Inspired Jobs  —  IN the memorials to Steven P. Jobs this week, Apple’s co-founder was compared with the world’s great inventor-entrepreneurs: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell.  Yet virtually none of the obituaries mentioned the man Jobs himself considered his hero …

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