Michigan man talks trash about his inventions – WDIV Detroit

Michigan man talks trash about his inventions
WDIV Detroit
On the side, he is an inventor and has come up with a product called Trash-Ease. "If you're in the workshop or if you're cooking. When you're making a mess, it's easy to clean up," Cunday said. This Michigan genius says the wire frame devise snaps onto

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Apple Invents a Killer 3D Imaging Camera for iOS Devices (Jack Purcher/Patently Apple)

Jack Purcher / Patently Apple:
Apple Invents a Killer 3D Imaging Camera for iOS Devices  —  Apple has invented a killer 3D imaging camera that will apply to both still photography and video.  The new cameras in development will utilize new depth-detection sensors such as LIDAR, RADAR and Laser that will create stereo disparity maps in creating 3D imagery.

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InventHelp Client Patents “Edge Up” – Invention Could Offer Efficient Solution for Hair Maintenance – YAHOO!

10-RDH-153 at (800) 851-6030. Manufacturers interested in reviewing additional inventions and new product ideas can contact InventHelp’s marketing partner Intromark by filling out an online request to review new product ideas here.
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New invention could ease winter blues – PhysOrg

The Radfan is attached to household radiators and helps to spread heat more evenly around the room, meaning the thermostat can be turned down, shaving money off heating costs. Roland Glancy and Simon Barker, post-graduates from Newcastle …
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Deltascan.org Talks about the Advantages of Using Vapor Cigarettes over Traditional Cigarettes – Emailwire

The qualities possessed by this new invention are attracting a lot of smokers. Deltascan.org explains the benefits of electric cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are also called vapor cigarettes because they do not produce any smoke. But e cigarettes …
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New Study of Deltascan.org Shows That E Cigarettes are Really Helpful to Minimize Smoking – Emailwire

With the constant increasing rate of cancer affected people due to consumption of tobacco the new invention “electronic cigarettes” came into light. The product has gained fame over past few years. A lot of people have opted for electronic cigarettes …
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