Understanding Substitutes: Is your invention desirable to consumers?

Frequently one of the most challenging aspects of inventing is determining what need a particular invention fills. This is not to suggest that inventors do not know what their invention does, why they created the invention in the first place, or how it …
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The invention of Google before Google — a radical mail-order ‘Catalog’

Fifty years ago this month, a 29-year-old former army paratrooper flew back to his home in California from his father’s funeral in Illinois. As the nation’s heartland scrolled beneath his plane’s window, he jotted down ideas for a new business that would …
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White City youngsters showcase their inventions in Maker Challenge final

  1. White City youngsters showcase their inventions in Maker Challenge final  Imperial College London
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This Unconventional Business Invention Firm Answers the Question ‘What Next?’

When Rei Inamoto and Rem Reynolds launched Inamoto & Co. in February 2016, the shop didn’t fit in the existing nomenclature, so they called it a business invention firm, positioned “somewhere in between a consultancy, innovation firm and an agency …
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Young inventors show off creations at Invention Convention

Young inventors from schools across New Hampshire and Massachusetts competed Sunday in the Academy of Applied Science’s Invention Convention. More than 250 students from kindergarten to the 12th grade came up with ideas and displayed them at Southern New …
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MIT’s latest invention pulls clean drinking water out of thin air

For people in the world without easy access to drinkable water, the idea of being able to pull it straight out of the sky, even in the driest of desert regions, would quite literally be a lifesaver. That is something that researchers from Massachusetts …
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