A flying invention

THE future could have your home delivered pizza sent by a drone – an invention created by a former Wangaratta resident who stands to win $ US1m. RAAF Corporal Clinton Burchat is in the running to win a big pay cheque if he takes out a Drones For Good …
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A Gecko-Inspired Invention Lets Humans Climb Up Glass Walls

E. Hawkes et al. Everyone’s wished they had a superhuman ability at some point in their lives. And on the super power scale, the ability to scale glass walls like Spider-Man is right up there at the top — and it’s already possible, as shown by a new …
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Fed’s latest invention holds promise for controlled rate rise

Analysts have applauded a draft Fed idea to offer lenders segregated cash accounts to be used as collateral for transactions with private investors. Such accounts could be an “additional supplementary tool” as the central bank returns to a more normal …
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The brick making machine – funny invention

How to build your own home without the help of an expert? With the brick making machine: this man has a fantastic invention to build his house!
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Brewer hosts Invention Convention

Special needs students at Brewer High School demonstrated their inventive skills and ability to speak to an audience at the 11th Annual Minds and Hands Invention Convention Monday. Brad Nordstorm created a display on railroads and sang a railroad song to …
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Incredible Magnet Invention

Incredible Magnet Invention – attracting and repelling forces in equilibrium.