UPPERcase Inc. Releases Data From Market Research Study Regarding New Invention – YAHOO!

Market research study of UPPERcase Inc. reveals positive findings indicating market desirability for their CargoInn™ product line. Full survey data is made available to potential partners. UPPERcase releases key findings from the market research survey …
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Miles Davis gets stamp of approval from your favorite semi-governmental agency – Examiner

(I know; I was there for a couple of them.) But by and large, the massively influential trumpeter had a well-earned reputation for treating each performance as a welcoming slate for new invention. It’s the main reason that listeners clamor for each newly …
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New Plans To Harness The Power Of The Sea – Sky.com

The Government will announce the creation of the UK’s first marine energy hub later as part of a push to speed up progress in the sector. The South West Marine Energy Park will stretch from Bristol to Cornwall and as far as the Isles of Scilly. Climate …
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Vanilla Ice Goes Indie Rock With Acoustic ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Performance — Video – S spinner

Listen! Ice is back with a brand new invention: Indie Vanilla Ice. After going through several image overhauls, rumor has it that the music industry veteran moved to Echo Park, Los Angeles after finally figuring out a sure-fire way to success.
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Android App Inventor Open Sourced, Code Released (Audrey Watters/Hack Education)

Audrey Watters / Hack Education:
Android App Inventor Open Sourced, Code Released  —  Last year, Google decided to shutter Google Labs, a place where a number of incredibly wonderful experimental projects lived.  Among the projects that got the ax was one of my favorites: Google’s Android App Inventor.

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Graham Bell phone instructions (to his parents) go for $92,000 – Los Angeles Times

Bell wrote a seven-page letter in 1878 attempting to explain to his parents precisely how to use his new invention. That letter sold for more than $ 92,000 in a New Hampshire auction this week. The instructions, complete with elaborate drawings …
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